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zkcm library is a C++ library for multi-precision complex-number matrix calculations.
(This library was previously named zmcomplex library.)
   Go to the website of the zkcm library
The package can be downloaded from the project page. Documents are found in the
doc directory of the package.
Note added: On 26 September 2011, the library name has been changed so as to resolve
conflicts with other softwares.

zkcm_qc library is an extension package of the zkcm library. It is intended for a
multi-precision matrix-product-state simulation of quantum computing.
   Go to the website of the zkcm_qc library
The package can be downloaded from the same site as zkcm. Documents are found in
the doc directory of the package.

A small function package for Maxima: QCOMP.MAC
This is a Maxima function package that may be used for simulating QC. It is
released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. An
explanation is written in the file (qcomp.mac) itself. It includes a function
to trace-out the subsystem B of a tripartite system ABC and a function to
calculate a partial transposition on B of ABC among others. (Updated to version
2.0 on 4 July 2011) download ver. 2.0 here. There is a very old file ver. 1.0
that should not be used any more (this was written in 2005). As is well-known,
Maxima is one of famous free softwares for symbolic computation.
Note added: Today (4 July 2011), I have just noticed that Dr. J. Lapeyre, ICFO,
Spain, has also been developing his package for Maxima for simulating QC.

Software SILQCS is a Simple Interpretive Language for Quantum Circuit Simulation.
   Go to the web site of SILQCS
The last version was released in 2004, long time ago. I am planning to restart
developing this interpreter. Maybe I will have to use GNU MP or libquadmath for
a better precision for the next release.

GTK+による複素数電卓(a simple complex-number calculator) cgtkcalc

GCCのx86インラインアセンブリ解説(Japanese explanation on GCC X86 inline assembly coding)

趣味のページのホーム(Home of the web pages of my hobbies, in Japanese only)

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